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Throughout my career, I have been exposed to a wide range of teaching styles, theories, and mentalities. I have always relied on my ability to absorb information that proves helpful, while remaining skeptical about techniques that might not suit my vocal development.  As a voice teacher, I endeavor to foster good instincts in my students, encouraging them apply techniques they find helpful in their development, while discarding advice that does not contribute to their personal vocal development. I want my students to build confidence and self-sustaining habits that they can rely on outside of the studio and into the future.


My goals as a teacher revolve around the individuality and uniqueness of every student and their vocal instrument. No one vocal technique or style is a “one-size-fits-all,” and I enjoy discovering what works best for each of them. Every individual has their own strengths, weaknesses, and goals. I strive in my teaching to first and foremost build on these strengths and nurture these goals. While it is important to address and work through vocal difficulties, the voice is deeply personal, and confidence can be brittle. I seek to empower each singer to find within themselves their unique vocal identity.

As a professional opera singer, I strive to demonstrate to my students the value of setting specific goals, both within and outside of singing. While it is not every voice student’s goal to perform professionally, learning the practical skills of being a professional singer can be useful, including how to develop a webpage and portfolio, market yourself, and be a good colleague who works well with others. These skills transcend being a performer and developing them is of particular importance to me.

Music has an incredible ability to build communities and give people a way to express what cannot be put into words. The voice is a gift, and I want to help all my students cultivate their gifts, and never forget the joy that brought them to music in the first place.

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