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       A A R O N
          S H O R T

F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

"Susannah's brother, Sam, was played by Aaron Short. His steadfast and bright tenor voice is suited to the role, as its edges are rounded with the warmth of a caring, older brother. Short's sensitive musicianship and acting capabilities were prominently displayed in Susannah; with hope, this young tenor will continue to sing many more great roles..."



"Short displayed a robust, mature tenor that has the flexibility to be tender and plaintive one minute, then ringing and vibrant the next..."

Opera News


"As Jim Mahoney, the simple lumberjack corrupted by Mahagonny’s temptations, the tenor Aaron Short sang with lightness of color but confident solidity. He was simultaneously subtle and shattering in his defiant Act III aria..."

The New York Times


"Tenor Aaron Short demonstrates a clear, light voice that becomes larger and heavier as the show progresses. By the end Ferrando is the most riveting singer on stage..."

Oregon Arts Watch

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Photo by Elliot Mandel

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